System builds, upgrades, troubleshooting.

We can give support in the areas of hardware and software.

Upgrades and builds:
For quotes on upgrading your existing system or new systems then E-Mail: with a list of your requirements and we will send you a quote.

Get your problems resolved. System conflicts, crashes, printer errors, e-mail set up.

Data recovery:
A crashed drive does not always mean you have lost your data. There are several stages of recovery that be can used depending on the severity of the crash.
Use the contact foprm to let us know what has happend and we can advis eon the bets line for recovery.

Virus removal, prevention and data backups:
Get your system cleaned up and then use cost effective anti virus protection to keep it virus free.
Its also worth getting a review of your current back up system and discussing the optioins available to you.

Support and installation of  networks.

Network features:
Alternatives to Windows server for your data sharing and remote desktop access.
Networking without a  server and extending networks over wireless connections.
E-mail hosting and setting up easy to maintian E-mail services.
Remote access to servers, Remote access to desktops, Resource sharing - set up of printers, CDs, files for sharing and linking around the network
Databases - multi-user via Access.