How data management can help

How data management can help
  • Manage sales, commissions, stock control.
  • Maintain membership lists
  • Track contacts, orders, clients
  • Generate management reports, quotes, invoices.

Databases can be designed for a company to carry out specific functions.
The work flow of an organisation is inspected and a solution configured.

Repetitive tasks, document management, rapid finding of data are all resolved.

Reports, invoices, data analysis are quickly produced with accurately cross
referenced data.

We can also take your existing databases and bring them up to date.
Or write custom addons to use the exiting data to produce reports, data analysis and management data.

Contact us about your individual requirements.


Use Access for your data management and control.

Computer Solutions has been writing and customising databases in Access for the last 22  years working with all the versions through to 2016

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We have written data bases for Hotel Bookings Management, Flight Bookings, Membership tracking, Tracking collection errors from companies, Sales-Stock-Commission, Recruitment Firms, Swimming Clubs, Quotation-Order systems and Building Maintenance.

Access can be used to control almost any aspect of a company where you need to track data, generate reports, have multi-user access to data. The data base can be written to align to your company and follow the natural path that the data moves through your business.